Our services

We advise project owners about how to submit their funding applications to public funding bodies such as the canton of Fribourg’s NRP.

We advise project owners about how to submit their funding applications to public funding bodies such as the canton of Fribourg’s NRP.


Our consulting service

Project design, partner and funding research

Our support in designing new research and innovation projects covers identification, configuration and acquisition phases. It is a free service to project owners, allowing them to work closely with our consultants who provide ongoing support and alignment services: project definition workshops, partner research, planning and support for writing funding applications to public funding bodies.

Support for smart transformation

We support owners of multi-sectorial collaborative projects that are part of a smart specialization strategy (S3) aimed at transforming the canton of Fribourg’s existing resources. Our support is a free service to project owners and takes the form of the initiation and design of a multi-channel collaborative project based on the S3 innovation model.

Managing collaborative projects

Our standard support for research and innovation projects covers the project’s launch, execution and completion phases. This service, which is free to project owners, starts as soon as project funding is approved and includes the provision of project management methods and tools.

As a paid, additional service, project owners can also mandate INNOSQUARE to provide the project team with extended project management support.

Our methodology for managing research and innovation projects 

INNOSQUARE implements a methodology that is based on in-depth knowledge of technological innovation support as well as on extensive experience of cross-company innovation collaborations.

At INNOSQUARE, the deployment method for each collaborative project is adapted to its own specificities. This approach ensures that the project’s shared objectives and the participating companies’ specific objectives are all taken into account.

INNOSQUARE has consultants in the implementation of research and innovation projects and an extensive network of partners including Fribourg’s School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA-FR), the canton of Fribourg’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the canton of Fribourg’s Development Agency (PromFR).

Our expertise

From 2015 to 2019, INNOSQUARE initiated and supported the creation of three technology skills centers, managed two NRP projects for the development of three Clusters, and implemented several partnerships and R&D projects. Since 2020, we have been supporting project leaders in the design of collaborative projects in research, development, and innovation.

If you have an innovative idea, if you are looking for technological skills and resources, our consultants are ready to provide support.


 "The INNOSQUARE team supported us throughout the definition of a particularly complex project. The valuable coaching in substance and in form allowed us both to raise the quality of the project and to approach the funding application in an optimal manner. INNOSQUARE represents a great asset for the promotion of innovation in the Canton of Fribourg "
Massimo Fiorin, Director Business Park Swiss Aeropole