Our services

Our methodology for managing research and innovation projects

INNOSQUARE employs a methodology that is based on in-depth knowledge of the best ways to support technological innovation, together with extensive experience of cross-company innovation collaborations. At INNOSQUARE, the deployment method for each collaborative project is tailored to specifics. This approach ensures that the project’s shared objectives and the specific objectives of participating companies can all be taken into account. INNOSQUARE advises project owners, supports the implementation of their projects and can access its extensive partnership network consisting of HEIA-FR, CCIF and PromFR.


Our consulting services

INNOSQUARE covers all phases of a research and innovation project, starting with the initial development of your collaborative project idea. As a free service, INNOSQUARE can help project owners to identify, define and specify their new initiative. Once the project has been specified and all partners are committed, INNOSQUARE can provide support through all development phases, including launching, executing and completing the project. Project support is a paid service provided at the request of project owners.

INNOSQUARE consultants work closely with project owners to provide ongoing support and alignment services. These can include: project definition workshops, partner searches, support for the drafting funding applications, project management. We advise project owners about funding applications to public entities such as the canton of Fribourg’s New Regional Policy (NRP), Innosuisse and Interreg. Each research and innovation project is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of services in this field.


Our expertise

Since its inception in 2015, INNOSQUARE has been a technology and innovation platform for Fribourg’s blueFACTORY innovation zone. We initiated and were involved in the creation of three technology skills centers, managed two NRP projects to develop three clusters, and implemented several partnerships and research and development projects. Our innovation management consultants have extensive experience in implementing innovation projects. They have a comprehensive grasp of good practices, as well as the opportunities and difficulties inherent in project implementation.

Our consultants are ready to help you develop and realize your innovative ideas, providing you with the technological skills and resources you are looking for.