About Us

Mission, Vision and Objectives

INNOSQUARE’s Mission is to promote interactions between the public and private sectors, linking companies, high school and university research centres and research institutes in order to meet specific needs for research and innovation in business. INNOSQUARE carries out its mission by activating, developing and supporting the programmes of Competence Centres and Clusters. 


A Competence Centre is a technology-specific entity formed by academic and industrial partners active in research, innovation and specialised training.


Cluster is a geographic concentration of businesses and institutions interacting competitively and collaboratively in a given area

The technological and professional areas covered by the Competence Centres and Clusters are integral to the canton of Fribourg’s innovation policy. Competence Centres position their applied research partnerships in the areas of Advanced Materials and Electronics.


Looking forward to 2020-2023, INNOSQUARE’s Vision is to become the reference development partner providing services in the form of transversal projects with a strong economic impact.

INNOSQUARE’s Objectives

  • Establish Competence Centres of recognised value to business by financing R&D equipment, supporting the creation of R&D consortiums and projects, and giving administrative and communications support
  • Assure Cluster development by assigning Cluster Managers and giving administrative and communications support
  • Activate transversal collaborations through the design and management of projects