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Strategic Research Topics

The PICC‘s profile is determined by three technology pillars that are addressed in close collaboration with three Research Institute.

  • PROCESSING: Plastic products to optimize form, materials and processes but also to develop high value-added polymers and associated transformation processes. The Ceraminc Injection moulding is part of thispillar;
  • ENHANCING: The reallocation of technical materials (polymers, alloys) designed to be reclaimed, regenerated and improved, by minimizing the energy needed for these operations and preserving their value within which will allow to enter the plastic in a circular economy;
  • MODELLING: Modelling and digital simulation of the behavior to improve the performance of the products and application design;

The needs for simulation tools that provide deep insight into the plastic injection molding process is very important. The PICC provides tools that help sme predict, optimize, and validate the design of plastic parts, injection molds, and molding processes.

The PICC work on these topics is addressed in an interdisciplinary approach.

How can we help you with your project ?

The PICC is to become a "one-stop shop" for industry to submit technological problems related to the field of plastic and find innovative solutions on a plan short- and long-term.

Our expertise is set in all aspects of materials technology and materials science and we serve a wide range of industries, from small businesses to large corporations.

Forms of Collaboration

Each project is substantively and organizationally tailored to the specific needs, limitations and framework of the industry, meaning that we are in position to satisfy the requirements faced by SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) as well as the specifications of large corporations.

  • Bilateral Collaboration (mandate)
  • Projects with Public/ UE Funding
  • Innoswiss projects

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